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NDMU 100 Nursing: Citing Sources

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For further help with formatting your paper and citing sources, consult the following:

APA Style: Journal Article Citations

References to journal articles usually include the following elements:

* If each issue of a journal begins on page 1, give the issue number in parentheses after the volume number, e.g.: 71(1).

** If no DOI exists for the article, insert the URL of the journal home page.

APA Style: Book Citations

References to books usually include the following elements:

APA Style: Book Chapter Citations

References to book chapters usually include the following elements:

How to Cite Websites

Remember not to include the website's copyright date for the date of the page update! The author may be also an organization instead of an individual.


Author of the Webpage. (Date of webpage update). Title of the webpage. Retrieved from URL

How to Cite Websites with No Author or Date

Use the following format to cite a webpage when you cannot locate an author and/or date the webpage was posted.


Page title when author's name is unavailable. (n.d.) Retrieved from URL