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Research Guides at LNDL

Accounting by Katy Berube
Art by Anna D'Agostino
Baltimore & Maryland Research
Biology by Joanne Helouvry
Business/Finance by Katy Berube
Chemistry by Joe Turkos
Classics by John Breitmeyer
Communication by Joanne Helouvry & Katy Berube
Computer Science by Charles Lockwood
Copyright by Danielle Whren Johnson
Country/International Research by Katy Berube
Criminology by Danielle Whren Johnson
Current Events
Cybersecurity by Katy Berube
Economics by John Breitmeyer
Education by Julie Nanavati
Engineering by Jack Ray
English/Literature by Rosie Hanneke
Film by Rosie Hanneke
Foundations & Grants by Rosie Hanneke
Gender & Women's Studies by Rosie Hanneke
Global / International Studies by Katy Berube
Healthcare Economy by Darlene Lawrence
History by Joe Turkos
Information Systems by Katy Berube
Languages / Literatures by Joanne Helouvry & Joe Turkos
Latin American & Latino Studies by Jack Ray & Joe Turkos
Legal Research by John Breitmeyer
Marketing & Advertising by Katy Berube
Military Science by Nancy Hanks
Music by Anna D'Agostino
Nursing by Gail Breyer
Pastoral Counseling by Danielle Whren Johnson
Pharmacy by Julie Nanavati
Philosophy by John Breitmeyer
Physics by Charles Lockwood
Political Science by Jack Ray
Psychology by Danielle Whren Johnson
Religious Studies by John Breitmeyer
Sociology by Danielle Whren Johnson
Speech-Language Pathology / Audiology by Gail Breyer
Statistical Resources by Rosie Hanneke
Theatre by Anna D'Agostino
Writing by Jennie Ray
Course-Specific Guides

BUS501 - Managing in a Dynamic Environment
BUS642 - Critical Incident Report
BUS641 - PM Ethics
COM310 - Media Literacy
EN200 - Major Writers
IDS100 - Perspectives on Education and Culture
TH700/701 - Theology - Master's
Kodály Music Education
NUR304 - Healthy Aging
NUR402 - Professional Nursing Practice
NUR431 - Community Health Nursing
NUR501 - Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
PHRD600 - History of Pharmacy
RE219 - Process and Acquisitions Literacy
WR100 - Effective Writing
Help Guides

MLA Style Guide
APA Style Guide
Chicago Style Guide
Theology Master's Thesis Guide
Library of Congress Classification & Shelving Guide
Turabian Parenthetical Style Guide
Copyright Information
Cited Reference Searching
Consumer Health by Julie Nanavati
How to Do Business Research by Katy Berube

Research Guides

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